video and animation




2016     Animated drawing, Bona Fide, In Gutem Glauben,    

           Landeskulturzentrum Ursulinenhof, Linz


2015     3 Animations on the theme of the Line



2009    “Animating Andover”  Film-Animation-Projection,30 mins

           Public outdoor film projection in Andover, Hampshire


2006    'Animating William Blake', 5 animations of Blake's poems

           with A-level students from Brentside High School


2005    Footsteps - The Movie, 15 mins

           Promotional video about the creative work

           of mental health group Footsteps Art Group


2004    3 Women Artists, 30 mins

           Video about 3 women artists in Ealing:

           Aine Scannell (printing),

           Houria Niati (painting)

           Amarjeet Nandhra (embroidery)


2003    Video installation at Pitshanger Gallery celebrating

           the 250th birthday of Sir John Soane





Flash animation using digitally rendered photographic images

Links to my youtube films and animations:

Childrens drawings video Animating Andover waterwheels animation chain animation Old Andover grid animation Screen Animation Footsteps The Movie Moving Triangles Line Animation Moving Screen Pavement Screen William Morris Repeat Pattern Als ich ein Kind war