aesthetic of the building site

For this project I drew inspiration from something we usually  regard as messy, ugly and dangerous .... a building site.


Looking at and around building sites I became sensitized to materials,

patterns and textures and eventually came to see building sites as places of beauty of a kind I had not previously thought of as such.


First row images: details from screenprints, paintings and lasercut material.

Second row images: photos and digitally manipulated photos. 

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streets  signs  surfaces

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I am a visual artist. Painting is my staple diet, so to speak.

However, working with photography, film, animation, print and digital design, has influenced my work over the years.

The featured designs are inspired by photos I took of road markings and road signage. I selected certain details and created the effect of textures by painting and printing layers with acrylic.



art in the tent

The Tent is a model of an alternative art-space - mobile, environmentally and user-friendly, inviting communication and interaction among the public.


>  Exhibitions of high quality and exciting artwork that stimulates creativity    

   and artistic awareness.

>  Direct contact between artists and visitors provides incentives for artistic


>  Creative involvement and active audience-participation is at the heart of    

   this project. The Tent reinforces the message of art as a force of social


>  Art-Workshops put special emphasis on the possibilities of using recycled


>  Students from the local college have the opportunity to showcase the best

   of their work in the Tent, creating a focus for other young people.

>  The dance- music- and poetry events involve many members of the various

   local communities and raise appreciation and respect for each other.