painter and designer





I am a practising artist with a training in Fine Art, Digital media and Textile Design.

I have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and worked in artist residencies in Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria.

For 15 years I have worked as art teacher in High Schools and as visiting artist in Primary and High Schools as well as taught Life Drawing and Drawing and Painting in Adult Education.






My great passion is for cities -  London (the city I live in), Linz (the city I was born in), Vienna (the city I studied art in) and cities I have visited -  Berlin, Paris, Rome, New York, Damascus, Cairo, Rabat, Athens. Many of the projects have been inspired by the transient state of urban architecture and culture.


In 2005 I created an art space quite unlike any other - the Tent. A mobile structure, here today, there tomorrow.

A company in Austria (Europlan) built the tent, 6 meters in the round, 4 meters high, with a dome-shaped canvas roof and a wooden floor. For 3 years running it was set up for a week in July in Ealing Town Square. It became a platform for artists and performers to exhibit and perform.





Animating patterns in Flash is great fun. Do have a look at my video page.